The Forks


Winnipeg, MB

My family and I went to Winnipeg to help my Oma move to BC. One day, I had a morning to myself while my dad was in a meeting in downtown Winnipeg. So I went to The Forks, a bumbling place on the edge of downtown. I had my breakfast at The Original Pancake House; an oven-baked peach pancake. After my filling breakfast, I walked around The Forks. Down to the river, then along the railroad until I ended up at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. I have already been to the museum multiple times throughout my previous road-trips to Winnipeg, however I never got to appreciate the design and thought that got put into this magnificent piece of architecture. I walked around the entire museum, through the trails in the grasses, up to Provencher Bridge, and down along Israel Asper Way back to The Forks. But not before stopping at Ai Weiwei's Forever Bicycles Sculpture. It was a great outing, and I got some great pictures out of the museum walk.


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