Every bio I've ever written sucks.

Either it's too dull, too preachy, or too cringe.
To hell with it. Here's a list instead:

- My name is Max.
- I love nature and aimlessly exploring places.
- I became interested in photography from a grade eight passion project.
- The first version of this website came from that project.
- I'm now pursuing those skills in SIAT, a multidisciplinary course in new media, design, and interaction.
- I'm on an exchange in The Netherlands, which scares me.
- Most of social media is a dumpster fire, so I've stopped using it.
- Photography is a hobby, not a job. Having it as a job would probably ruin the fun of it.
- I also read books and play co-op games with my friends in my spare time.
- I never seem to be able to keep this website up to date.
- Here's my twitter or insta if you want it.

Please cite the website if you use my work, thanks!