Californian Coast


California, USA

After the amazing time in San Francisco we stepped back from the bustling city and stopped in Petaluma, a small city, 60km north of San Fran. We enjoyed our time there playing board games, touring wineries, and watching the 4th of July fireworks from a park next to our hotel. After Petaluma, we made our way north, and stopped in Arcata for 2 days. We went exploring through the redwoods and walked along the sandy beaches. Two fun-filled days later, Lincoln City, Oregon was our next destination. We had an amazing fire on the beach and made a cool sand-dragon. When we left, Lincoln City, we had to take Highway 6 through Tillamook State Forest to get back onto the interstate. The highway was so windy that the speed limit was 50km/h, and it was almost impossible to go that fast because it was also only two lanes. In short, take the earlier highways to get back to the interstate.


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