Celebration of Light (2023)


English Bay, BC

Every year, Vancouver hosts this fireworks show in collaboration with three countries that send their best pyrotechnics to compete at the Celebration of Light. I only went to Mexico's showing, but as the Philippines won the competition, I wouldn't hesitate to say that all three nights of fireworks were spectacles.

All countries set their fireworks to a soundtrack that you can listen to on the radio or if you're nearby a stage, they will play it in real-time. Mexico chose standard pop music that wasn't all that special compared to my last time seeing the fireworks in 2018.

The fireworks themselves were what you expect from a national holiday fireworks event. They were big, bright, and beautiful. The show went on for longer than I anticipated but there was never a dull moment to be had. There was a certain style and colour palate chosen for each song which always captivated the audience's attention.


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